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At OTM Media & IT Solutions we have partnered with Vonage Business Solutions and other major VoIP providers. These Business Solutions, host the equipment in the cloud, removing the hassle of tangled wires and bulky machinery and eliminating the cost of buying and maintaining physical equipment. All your phone system features are delivered over your Internet connection. This means upgrades to your phone system happen automatically – one less thing for you to worry about.


Business-Class Features



All OTM VoIP systems are more than a service—they are your communications division. You receive features critical to supporting and growing your business like Voicemail to Email, Work from Anywhere, Virtual Receptionist, Call Forwarding plus many more. Furthermore, Vonage Business Desktop comes with a series of powerful and FREE plugins that boost business productivity and help you build relationships.

Reliable & Easy to Use




OTM Media & IT Solutions has been in business and operating out of the Atlanta Metro Area since 2009.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer and technical service.


We provide Communication and IT Solutions to small businesses who need to optimize their levels of productivity, operations, and customer service to become more competitive.  Your solution will be based on highly reliable business solutions products and our personalized customer service report.


This provides you with an end to end solution that aligns with your business goals.

With OTM VoIP solutions, callers never get a busy signal, and each phone number can point to as many or as few phones as you want. Our phones are location independent, so someone dialing your main number can make a phone ring at both your office and another location at the same time. Also, everyone in your company can use the same outbound Caller ID, or each person can have their own direct number. Traditional phone lines will eventually be remembered as a thing of the past. See the features below which are included in our VoIP Solutions.



For an initial greeting, missed calls or maybe after hours, an auto-attendant can answer calls for you. In fact, callers can be directed however you wish. They can be provided with transfer options, emergency instructions, or sent to a designated voicemail. With OTM, callers will never hit a dead end.




When a call comes into your work number, you can have it sent anywhere you like – to your cell, to your home line, or even to a colleague. Not only can you seamlessly take calls on your mobile phone, but just by pressing # you can transfer the call back to someone in your office, or even another number.



24/7 call recording for no additional cost. Full time and system-wide recordings are useful for monitoring service quality, preserving important discussions, and can even be used to protect the company from legal liability. (And if you’d prefer not to record calls, this feature can be disabled.)



Access your voicemail online, on our mobile app, or through your email inbox. You can listen to messages, forward them, delete them, and manage everything in one spot. Voicemail doesn’t have to be aggravating, and with OTM, it isn’t.




Listen to voicemails, review recordings and look at call logs, set up call forwarding, and manage your speed dials from our online interface. If making programming changes isn’t your thing. You can call or e-mail our outstanding support staff and we will do any system administration for you, free of charge.


We offer systems that have no upfront costs, equipment and installation are included, and your savings begin on day one. And with our all-inclusive pricing, you can also say goodbye to add-on fees and charges.

Setup is easy: we handle everything for free, from beginning to end. Our technicians bring new phones and equipment to your location, set the system up, get it working, and show everyone how to use it. We have some systems that there are no costs for equipment or installation, so your up-front investment in your new system is exactly $0. Getting budget approval should be pretty simple.

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IT Consulting 
OTM IT Solutions has solutions specializing in complete voice, data, network and applications portfolios for small and medium-sized business customers. There are cost-effective, state of the art and reliable communications solutions for businesses throughout the region, and nationwide. OTM IT Solutions provides our customers with the best possible service, flawless installations and the best of breed products on the market to solve their unique business challenges.
Our complete small and medium-size business portfolio of services also include the following:
  • Managed Services
  • Malware & Viruses Protection
  • Disaster backup and recovery
  • Network Security
  • Networking 
  • Onsite Support and Installations
  • Network Cabling
  • MACs (move adds or changes)
  • Office Move or Opening

  • Wireless Access

Custom Audio Installation
OTM Media Solutions will install our custom speakers including prewiring for unfinished homes, new construction, offices, and basements. Surround Sound or whole home/office audio. We only use innovative and name brand industry-leading products that compliment my high-end and detailed craftsmanship. 
  • Software Upgrade

  • New Company Acquisition

  • Move to the Cloud

  • Set Up Remote Workers

  • Implement New Phone System

  • Integrate New Printer/Scanner

  • New Hardware Selection and Roll Out

  • Evaluate Technology Options

  • Align IT Infrastructure with Business Plan

  • And Much More

Our Competitive advantage 

Audio/Video (AV) and Information Technology (IT) are critical to the success of any business. Properly managing your systems requires a great deal of time along with a certain level of expertise. Unless you have someone who is knowledgeable and dedicated to handling your technology concerns, which can become a major headache. Computer viruses and network problems can end up costing you money, not to mention adding worries Audio/Video (AV) and Information Technology (IT) are critical to the success of any business. Properly managing your systems requires a great deal of time along with a certain level of expertise. Unless you have someone who is knowledgeable and dedicated to handling your technology concerns, which can become a major headache. Computer viruses, video & telephony communications, and network problems can end up costing you money, not to mention adding worries and stress to your business day.

OTM Media & IT Solutions has the solutions to managing your company's technology. We understand the concerns and needs of the small and medium-sized business. Whether you have one projector, one personal computer or are running your business activities on a networked system, OTM Media & IT Solutions has the experienced staff to provide the help you need at a cost that's more affordable than hiring dedicated staff. 

Technology you can trust

OTM offers a wide range of IT Solutions for both small, medium size businesses, and Church Organizations. Our engineers provide  services ranging from Business Telephones Systems to Wireless Computer networks installations.  Call US TODAY, for a free consultation or Phone System Demo.

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Installing our VoIP phone system is easy—the phones come pre-configured and ready to use with your Internet connection. Our plug and play technology allows you to switch desks, take your phone home with you. Changing your account is quick and easy through a user-friendly web portal and our knowledge base and support portal navigate you through our products. We happily handle installations as well. 


Other Services & Information


We are flexible on our rates that start as low as $19.99 per phone line. Unlimited plans for companies with average to high call volume or prefer predictable billing.
OTM offers pricing plans for every company and every budget - starting as low as $19.99 per user! Our Cloud Solutions allows companies to take advantage of utilizing their entire communications solution. Not only is there no need for capital outlay for the hosted phone service, but your desk phones can also be included with zero cash upfront.
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We also offer The Everything Plan. With the Everything Plan, every customer gets to enjoy every feature of our service. The only choice to make is what kind of phone you need.


  • No upfront cost

  • Infrastructure never out of date

  • Next generation phones at no cost upon renewal

  • Discounts available for larger orders and extended term contacts.


  • Buy phones and equipment up front

  • Avoid a long term commitment

  • Increase or decrease users on the fly

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South Carolina Division

Anderson, SC

Fax: 678-310-1451

Atlanta, GA Division (Headquarters)

Tel: 678-597-9383

Fax: 678-310-1451

2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE #750, Atlanta, GA 30339

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Licensed & Insured 

Georgia Low Voltage #LVG105533


Award-Winning Business VoIP Phone Systems!

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Call us  at 1-678-597-9383

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Delivering the most reliable and affordable phone service to help your company grow

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