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Glimpse Performance Insight

Glimpse Performance Insight

OTM is working with a Sales Analytics & Process Monitoring Company to provide a results-driven service to the hospitality industry. This company drives profits and provides data-driven management support using automated video analysis through premium HD cameras. 

Revenue Growth

Because these services do not require training or maintenance your managers are not burdened with new tasks. It reduces management hassle and stress because a picture is worth a thousand words.

All Hardware & Installation are included with $0 Upfront costs. Month-to-Month services are available. 

Reduce Management HassleS

By auditing your bar, banquet and over the counter beverage sales with video analysis software, this service monitors your business with no disruption to operations. 

Prevent Loss

Services are designed to exceed your expectations. Experience a 10% to 40% decline in sales at risk, increased bottom line results and an ROI greater than 5x.

Enable Improvement

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